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Issue 129|October 2020
Today’s Topic
Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attacks –

It’s no secret that many well-known companies and government agencies have succumbed to ransomware attacks, interrupting work and costing money…So what is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of virus or malicious software that holds personal data for a financial ransom. Since data is held hostage by locking it in encryption that is not often breakable in a practical amount of time, it is often needed to pay the money to the owners of said ransomware to regain control of lost data. Some ransomware providers are not necessarily honest and may take money without unlocking data. To avoid data loss and financial loss, comprehensive backups of data are easiest and the most effective way to protect against data loss.

An ASUSTOR NAS is the best weapon against ransomware. In this issue, we mention a few data protection strategies to better protect yourself against ransomware attacks. When purchasing a NAS, ensure that all passwords are strong and secure. Do not click on suspicious links that appear on untrustworthy sites and questionable emails. Ensure ADM is up to date at all times to ensure maximum security, change default administrator account name, change default ports and other means of entry. Enable ADM Defender firewall and network protection and for maximum security, turn off SSH and SFTP. On your computer, ensure that there are no network drives connected and to only transfer files by connecting to your NAS using its name and address in your operating system’s file manager as some ransomware implementations are able to attack files stored on connected network drives. Consistent backups that are made often to a NAS device that is only connected to your computer during a backup is easily the best way to prevent damage resulting from a ransomware attack as lost data can be easily restored from the most recent backup, preventing or mitigating damage. Use ASUSTOR Backup Plan to easily take scheduled backups of information and use the b-tree file system known as Btrfs on your NAS to not only take multiple backups of your data, but also snapshot backups in the event they are locked to restore previous versions of your data.

Data loss and damage happens to the best of us, but we can mitigate the risks as long as correct procedures are followed. Follow these guidelines for increased security, resulting in time and money saved. Detailed information about preventing ransomware can be found on ASUSTOR’s website:

Latest News
ASUSTOR’s Lockerstor 10 Pro
wins the Editor’s Choice Award from TweakTown

ASUSTOR’s newly released Lockerstor 10 Pro has won the Editor's Choice Award from TweakTown. The Lockerstor 10 Pro is an enterprise-class NAS device built for extreme speeds and extreme efficiency. The Lockerstor 10 Pro sports a 9th generation Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor. The Xeon E-2224 runs at 3.4Ghz and turbos to 4.6GHz, is coupled with eight Gigabytes of DDR4-2666 ECC memory and supports up to sixty-four Gigabytes of RAM. The ECC RAM included with the NAS corrects memory errors in real-time and helps avoid data loss caused by memory corruption, keeping critical data safe.
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