Issue 64|March 2018
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ASUSTOR NAS features Wake on WAN technology. Waiting for an opportunity to act!

Picture this. You’re temporarily out of the house needing to access information on your NAS at home, yet your NAS is hibernating. What does one do? Enter Wake On WAN. ASUSTOR’s AS6300 and AS6400 series support Wake on WAN, solving the issues of wasted electricity and the inability to access files while turned off. Resources and information can now be accessed through the Internet by awakening the NAS. It’s extremely convenient and works even if the NAS is hibernation or turned off!

Wake on LAN technology allows you to wake-up or shut down the NAS within the same network as the NAS, while Wake on WAN allows you to control the NAS using the Internet. You can shut down the NAS, access all of its features and services to improve the freedom of accessing data.

These two very useful features can turn the NAS on and off at any time, allowing for energy savings from prolonged hibernation and also reduces wear and tear of the hard drive which prolongs the life of the NAS. A hibernating NAS is also less vulnerable to attackers, protecting the data inside from threats.

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Success Story
Chan Chao International adopts ASUSTOR for its daily storage needs.

Since Chan Chao provides services internationally, the free cloud services they were using to share large files and documents needed separate accounts for every customer that needed to access the shared files. This, coupled with using multiple services because of insufficient storage, required that customers and business partners needed multiple accounts just to access the files that were needed. This resulted in a fragmented situation where customers and business partners frequently lost account names, passwords and even required Chan Chao to waste time and energy maintaining the accounts instead of doing business. To increase efficiency, Chan Chao chose an ASUSTOR NAS and found that ASUSTOR’s AS6404T was able to create public and privately shared folders with individual permission settings to easily manage these tasks efficiently. ASUSTOR also recommended the use of Share Links to share data securely. Share Links allowed Chan Cho to set a password and/or an expiration date for more freedom in how his files were shared. 
S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. adopts ASUSTOR as their primary storage solution!

In the original file sharing system of S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd., there is a file transfer size limit, if the size of the file exceeds 30MB, the mail server will automatically dump it to the FTP folder and send a download link to the customer. While it is convenient for the customer, it is inconvenient for the company as it takes up storage space on the mail server. Switching to the ASUSTOR AS6404T allowed S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. to directly create Share Links, which do not take up storage space on the NAS. Share Links can also be managed at any time. In addition, employees who use the free Dropbox cloud service can set up auto sync with the ASUSTOR AS6404T, to directly manage files on Dropbox within the ADM's file manager for easy sharing.
Award & Review
NAS 103- (Wake on LAN) WOL

Learn how to use Wake-on-LAN with your ASUSTOR NAS. 
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