Issue 63|February 2018
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In the original file sharing system of S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd., there is a file transfer size limit, if the size of the file exceeds 30MB, the mail server will automatically dump it to the FTP folder and send a download link to the customer. While it is convenient for the customer, it is inconvenient for the company as it takes up storage space on the mail server. Switching to the ASUSTOR AS6404T allowed S&R IPR Consulting Co., Ltd. to directly create Share Links, which do not take up storage space on the NAS. Share Links can also be managed at any time. In addition, employees who use the free Dropbox cloud service can set up auto sync with the ASUSTOR AS6404T, to directly manage files on Dropbox within the ADM's file manager for easy sharing.

ADM – Live Demo

ADM OS is ASUSTOR’s dedicated operating system for their NAS, the tablet-like UI is simple, intuitive and familiar.

At present, ASUSTOR’s website provides an exceptional online demo so that users can familiarize themselves with the environment and easily understand it. Although some functions are disabled and some settings cannot be changed like a home NAS, this allows prospective buyers to experience ADM before purchasing a NAS.

ASUSTOR encourages everyone to try it out now! It’s easy!
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NAS 343- Introduction to System Migration

Learn how to move data from an old NAS to a new NAS quickly.
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