Issue 61|January 2018
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You want to save a file bigger than 4GB on your flash drive and upon doing so, you are greeted with this error message: "The file is too large to fit in the destination file system." This is because most flash drives are formatted with the FAT32 file system which cannot store files larger than 4 GB in size. ExFAT solves this problem with its 128PB file size limit!


The Extended File Allocation Table File System (exFAT) is a file system developed by Microsoft for flash memory. It has the advantage of being able to access files larger than 4GB and supports both Windows and Mac.


In order to meet the storage needs of today's users, ASUSTOR and Microsoft have jointly launched the ASUSTOR NAS exFAT application so that users can easily connect exFAT formatted USB devices to the ASUSTOR NAS and access them. ASUSTOR reminds you that using exFAT requires the exFAT application installed from App Central and that it only works with ADM 3.0.4 or above on the full range of ASUSTOR NAS. ExFAT key to unlock exFAT driver sold separately.

Success Story
Chan Chao International selects ASUSTOR NAS, Successfully integrating with the existing Windows environment and upgrading backups, and service!


ASUSTOR AS6404T personal cloud solutions help build low-cost online storage. For Chan Chao International, when there is not enough storage capacity, their NAS can be easily upgraded. With its simple user interface, gentle learning curve, IT administrators can immediately begin using it. Mobile apps such as AiMaster can also be used to remotely manage a NAS. In conclusion, ASUSTOR NAS provides a perfect way to backup and share files quickly and easily as well as providing other tools for the best storage medium-sized business storage experience.

Award & Review
NAS 160 – How to access exFAT storage devices?

Learn how to mount and unmount exFAT storage devices, access exFAT storage devices and formatting exFAT storage devices.
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