ASUSTOR releases ADM 2.6.6. RCF2, supporting VPN Server with IPSec/L2TP.
Issue 43|Dec., 2016
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ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.6.6. RCF2, Enhancing VPN Server Support with IPSec/L2TP

The newly released ADM 2.6.6. RCF2 adds the VPN Server support with IPSec/L2TP. ADM 2.6.6. RCF2 is now available on ASUSTOR website and ADM live update; VPN Server 1.0.0.r185 Beta is now available on App Central.

ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta Featuring Centralized Management Software CMS Lite
This new version features CMS Lite to connect multiple NVR devices, effortlessly creating centralized surveillance management, newly added mounting of recordings combines with MyArchive technology for flexible recording capacity expansion and support for 360 degree fisheye camera image restoration provides complete surveillance without blind spots.
ASUSTOR Announces Support for ElephantDrive Cloud Backup Service
ASUSTOR NAS now provides comprehensive support for ElephantDrive. All ASUSTOR NAS users can download and install ElephantDrive from App Central to enjoy further peace of mind with this new cloud backup option.
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Learn how to use Dropbox on your ASUSTOR NAS.

Playing Music from SoundsGood to your Audio System with ASUSTOR NAS (Multilingual Subtitles)

Learn how to play music from SoundsGood to your home audio system with your ASUSTOR NAS.

Subtitles available in: 简体中文, 繁體中文, Français, Русский

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