The number of simultaneous configurable MyArchive hard disks has been signi
Issue 26|April, 2016
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Constantly evolving MyArchive technology
N-1 degrees of freedom
The number of simultaneous configurable MyArchive hard disks has been significantly increased to N-1. This means that for 4-bay models (e.g., AS6104T) you can have 3 simultaneously mounted MyArchive disks and for 10-bay models (e.g., AS7010T) you can have up to 9 simultaneously mounted MyArchive disks. When you access the data in a MyArchive disk, the other MyArchive disks can remain in hibernation, helping you save power. When used with local backup function, you will be able to take different types of files with different properties and neatly organize and back them up to individual MyArchive disks, all in one go. Furthermore, a newly added “Alias” field lets users self-define tags for MyArchive disks. This allows users to quickly determine the contents of MyArchive disks from within ADM File Explorer when multiple disks are mounted simultaneously.

ASUSTOR to Exhibit at Computex 2016 from Within the ASUS Booth
At Computex 2016, ASUSTOR will be showcasing, from within the ASUS booth, its newest generation flagship 32/62 series tower and rackmount NAS models, along with new Smart Home solutions, creating revolutionary cloud storage for both personal and enterprise users. All are welcome to visit the ASUSTOR exhibit an up-close look at these new products and features.

Date and Time:
Tuesday May 31st – Saturday June 4th, 2016

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor,
ASUS Booth M0410
ASUSTOR Launches Powerful High Capacity AS6208T and AS6210T
ASUSTOR launches two new high-capacity enterprise-class NAS models supporting 4K UHD multimedia playback, equipped with the latest powerful Intel Celeron quad-core processors, featuring 4GB of built-in dual-channel memory that is expandable up to 8GB, provides ultimate cutting-edge performance and rich variety of I/O interfaces for flexible expansion and deployment.
Award & Review
NAS 103
Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
Learn how to use Wake-on-LAN with your ASUSTOR NAS.

Playing Music from ASUSTOR NAS with a Sonos Wireless Speaker
Learn to play music from your NAS with a Sonos wireless speaker.

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