ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta
Issue 22|March, 2016
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ADM 2.6 Beta: Powerful ASUSTOR Portal Multimedia Applications

C Library and Linux kernel updates
ADM 2.6’s built-in GNU C library has been upgraded from eglibc 2.13 to glibc 2.22. From now on, no matter if it's ASUSTOR’s in-house developed functions or 3rd party developed Apps, all will be able to benefit from the new library’s high compatibility and flexibility. Also, in an effort to increase the stability, performance and security of the Linux system in ASUSTOR NAS devices, ADM 2.6 upgrades the Linux kernel for AS50/51/70 devices to the latest 4.1 long-term support version found on AS31/61/62 series devices.

Enhanced ADM core functions, featuring batch creation and importation of ADM accounts, all new MyArchive mechanism and advanced iSCSI LUN snapshot configurations, providing users with a more flexible cloud storage experience. Enhanced ASUSTOR Portal* streaming media app, YouTube, with FHD 1080p playback support, added Netflix and URL-Pack app allowing users to stream from even more popular media sites to ASUSTOR Portal.
Award & Review
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An overview of some of the different Rsync usage scenarios when used in conjunction with your NAS.
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