Multi-level folder structure support, Album & Browse viewing modes,
Issue 20|January, 2016
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Photo Gallery 2.0 Beta Simplify Your Photo Management
The next evolution in ASUSTOR’s Photo Gallery brings support for multi-level folder structures, increased thumbnail processing speeds, more sorting functions, auto rotation to correct orientation of uploaded images, a concealable side navigation bar that shows album folder structures, an intuitive search function and customizable browsing quality based on device and network environment which provides for an optimal browsing experience. All ASUSTOR users are welcome to upgrade to the newest version of Photo Gallery to experience all the new functions firsthand.
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Sucess Story
“We are elated to have selected a highly customizable cloud storage device that is well suited to our company,” adds Yi Wei Shen. “Not only has ASUSTOR NAS become an excellent tool to increase our productivity, but also protects the critical assets and hard work of all our designers.”
Award & Review
NAS 321
Hosting Multiple Websites with a Virtual Host
Learn about hosting websites with the virutal host function and using DDNS service with your NAS.
NAS 322
Connecting Your NAS to a VPN
Connect your ASUSTOR NAS to a VPN network.

Setup & initialization of the Asustor AS1002T NAS
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